• The power of nanodiamonds

    Diamonds are the hardest natural material on the planet. When reduced down to nano size and enriched, they can be blended with polymers. Diamond ProTech has mastered the mixing of enriched nanodiamonds and PHPS to create an evenly distributed, diamond armored, elastic coating with inherent hydrophobic characteristics.

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  • Professional accreditation program

    We are scientists and our passion is science that works! We love to see our invention applied in innovative ways with amazing results. So naturally, after trying this on our cars years ago, we know we had to share this with the world.

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  • Now listed on your vehicles carfax report

    Diamond ProTech is proud to announce that certain products installed by a professional dealer will now be reported as a benefit on your vehicles Carfax report.

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Starter Kits -- Perfect For Your First Vehicle

Diamond ProTech Starter kits are the ideal entry point for your Nanodiamond coating experience. Each kit conveniently includes all the essentials required for a flawless coating application, alongside the highest quality microfiber accessories (applicator and towel) sourced from The Rag Company, ensuring top-notch quality from start to finish.

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Body Coatings


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Ranked by professionals as the easiest of coatings to apply, our line of products are designed to flash slowly so that you can apply the coating without rushing or stressing like traditional ceramic coating which are best left to professionals only.

At the same time, our coatings offer an exceptionally fast curing time so that once the car is coated, it can be driven out of the garage to free up space for other work.

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Introducing Diamond Wrap (PPF & Vinyl) - A Durable Nanodiamond Car Coating Designed for Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

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5 Key Benefits of Applying Nanodiamond Coating to Your Vehicle's Leather

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All diamond protech products are

We believe in the power of nanotechnology

Diamond ProTech automotive coatings are liquid formulas which fuse with surfaces, including paint, to form a glossy, long-lasting and hard barrier that protects the surface from scratches and UV rays and repels water, dirt, and other contaminants. 

Diamond ProTech is your premier source for protective vehicle coatings.

We are scientists that have spent our careers improving surface protection through the application of nanotechnologies.  We have created composites that satisfy automotive detailers’ desires for lasting hydrophobicity, scratch resistance, smooth feel and mirror-like shines