Diamond ProTech's Pro Spray Body Coatings are tailored for certified professional installers, providing all of the same performance benefits of our hand-applied Pro Body Coatings, with the unique advantage of increased installation speed. Redefine the benchmarks of ease of use and efficiency with Diamond ProTech's line of sprayable coatings.

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Benefits of certification

  • Access to Professional-only products that offer 3, 5, and 10-year coatings

  • A dedicated team of IDA-certified detailers is attached to this program to oversee our customer service, Q&A, instructional methods, and events.

  • Comprehensive Diamond ProTech PRO Program in support of our certified detailer community such as Marketing/Social Media Asset Library, Newsletter, Club Events, Training Courses, and more.

about diamond protech pro spray body coatings

Diamond ProTech's Pro Spray Body Coatings. Crafted exclusively for certified professional installers, these advanced nanodiamond composite formulations deliver all the benefits synonymous with our hand-applied Pro Body Coatings. What sets the Pro Spray versions apart is the increased installation speed, thanks to the use of spray guns which streamline the process significantly. Additionally, Pro Spray Body Coatings from Diamond Protech offer the unique ability to access hard to reach areas like intricate wheel spokes, deep fender wells, complex suspension components, exposed under carriages, and more. For those with skilled, steady hands in some cases they can expedite coating installation even further by eliminating the need to level the coating after application.

Pro-tip: Make sure to clean out the spray gun after installing any Pro Spray Body Coating to ensure it does not clog and is always ready for the next coating install.