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The Science

Popular questions about how our products work

Is there any 3rd party testing available such as SGS?

Yes, a battery of tests was done by SGS coating specialists in the United Kingdom, including hardness, abrasion and chemical resistance, and anti-corrosion properties. These sheets are often available on each specific product page on our website. You can view each of these sheets here.

What does nanodiamond mean in the context of a protective coating?

Diamonds are the hardest natural material on the planet. When reduced down to nano size and enriched, they can be blended with polymers. Diamond ProTech has mastered the mixing of enriched nanodiamonds and PHPS to create an evenly distributed, diamond armored, elastic coating with inherent hydrophobic characteristics.

What is the shelf life of an opened Diamond ProTech bottle?

If the Diamond ProTech product was opened and then closed with the cap tight, the shelf life of such product would be approx 6-12 months. We do not recommend to leave the bottle open, as this will significantly reduce the shelf life of the product in the opened bottle.

General Questions

Is Diamond ProTech a professional or consumer-only product line?

Diamond ProTech products are offered to the US market in both consumer and professional lineups. Access to the professional line requires the completion of a professional certification program. Pros can learn more about the program here.