Introducing our revolutionary Diamond ProTech Prep Products, harnessing cutting-edge nanodiamond technology to ensure consistent, hassle-free coating installations. Our prep products uniquely utilize real nanodiamonds that embed themselves deep into the surface, creating the ultimate base for any coating to bond to.

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Elevate your surface preparation process with Diamond ProTech Prep Products, meticulously designed to create a flawless bond between your vehicle's surfaces and our advanced nanodiamond composite coatings. Our prep sprays, enriched with nano diamonds, go beyond conventional, alcohol-based surface preparation formulas. As you apply our solvent-based liquid, the soluble nanodiamonds within the formula embed themselves into the surface, creating a velcro-like bond with our coatings, ensuring unparalleled, consistent coating performance every time.

Choose between our three unique prep products, depending on which surfaces you'll be applying your product to. Our Diamond Body Prep is the perfect choice for all painted surfaces, plastic, chrome trim, headlights, and more. Diamond Body Prep even works perfectly to prepare interior surfaces as well, including vinyl and leather. Diamond ProTech Diamond Glass Prep, the ideal choice for all glass surfaces as it reached deep into the pores of the glass, exfoliating the surface and simultaneously depositing nanodiamonds to fill those pores, ensuring a smooth, yet velcro-like surface for your protective glass coating to bond to. For bikes and motorcycles, Diamond ProTech Bike Prep is your go-to solution. Specially crafted to cater to the unique needs of bike surfaces, this prep spray ensures a strong bond between the nanodiamonds within the prep spray and the nanodiamonds in our composite coatings. From metal components to intricate details, Bike Prep paves the way for lasting protection.

Pro-tip: Just a few sprays per panel is needed, a little goes a long way, follow this to avoid streaking. Also, make sure to spray directly into the towel, not the panel to avoid overspray.