• Required Prep for Diamond Bike Coating
  • Removes Oil, Sealants & Polish Residue
  • Easy Spray-on, Wipe-off

Diamond Bike Prep is the primary preparation product for all bicycle, handlebars, frame, fenders, wheel, and spoke Diamond ProTech coatings.

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Size: 100ML
Application Instructions


Shake DIAMOND BIKE PREP thoroughly before using.

Spray DIAMOND BIKE PREP onto the surface area.

Wipe down with a microfiber towel.

Dry the surface with the dry side of the towel.

Download the product warnings – this is the multi-language product hazard warnings for EU/EMEA markets.


Diamond Bike

Prep Solution for Ideal Paint Bonding!

DIAMOND BIKE PREP is our special formula prep product for ideal Diamond Bike bonding on your bike.

DIAMOND BIKE PREP is our ideal bike paint surface cleaner that will remove all oils, polish residues, and waxes to prep for optimal bonding of Diamond Bike coating.

This is a necessary preparation step PRIOR to applying Diamond Bike coating.