Revolutionize your vehicle's protection with Diamond ProTech's Body Coatings. Our advanced nanodiamond composite formulations provide an impenetrable barrier, preserving and enhancing the paint, trim, metal, and plastic components. Whether you're looking for shine and gloss, or are strictly trying to lock in the appearance of your matte or satin finish, Diamond Protech vehicle body coatings will rise to the occasion.

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About Diamond Protech Vehicle Body Coatings

Diamond ProTech body nanodiamond body composite coatings will make you forget ceramic technology ever existed. utilizing trillions of enriched nanodiamonds, our patented technology will catapult your coating experience to never before seen levels. Diamond Quick Body's spray & wipe formula simplifies application, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a "lite" coating, or even a convenient yet effective coating, but do not want to be bothered with flash times. It also doubles as an excellent maintenance spray for Diamond Body 36, ensuring lasting defense with ease. Graduating to the next step, our introduction to full-blown nanodiamond composite coatings is Diamond Body. This advanced nanodiamond composite coating creates an impenetrable, water spot-resistant barrier that's instantaneously contaminant-ready for 18+ months on paint, trim, metal, and plastic components. For those who need even longer term protection, Diamond Body 36 is the perfect coating. Users of Diamond Body 36 get to enjoy extended flash times when applying the coating (as high as 15 minutes)followed by a lightning fast 1-hour cure time before it's water-ready, resulting in 3 years of diamond-grade protection without the need for professional certifications. Diamond ProTech truly does cater to every customer, we even have a coating specifically formulated for PPF (paint protection film) and vinyl wrap surfaces since they differ from clearcoat, this product is called Diamond Wrap. Diamond Wrap is engineered to preserve the integrity of paint protection film and vinyl surfaces, which are otherwise known to deteriorate quickly, by deploying it's specialized enriched nanodiamond technology. Diamond Wrap goes the extra mile by enhancing shine and gloss on the appropriate finish, yet it does NOT alter the appearance of matte or satin surfaces. These products come in separate bottles or starter kits that include Diamond Body Prep, where needed.

Pro-tip: Do not use the same applicator face twice. Make sure to either mark the side of the applicator you use for one application, before moving onto the next application, or just discard of the applicator entirely if you are unsure of which side you used. Our nanodiamond composite coatings harden to form a rock hard barrier over the surface, so they will do the same to the applicator. If the same side of an applicator is used twice, you risk scratching and marring the surface. These same rules apply to any microfiber towels used during the coating process.