Diamond ProTech's Interior Coatings provide you with every protective element necessary to keep your interior pristine in perpetuity. From safeguarding plastic and vinyl components with Diamond Interior to preserving the luster of leather surfaces with Diamond Leather, our advanced nanodiamond composite coatings redefine the standards of interior defense. Explore Diamond ProTech's Nanodiamond interior coatings.

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About Diamond ProTech's Interior Coatings

Diamond ProTech's Interior Coatings provide a new standard of environmental protection to vehicle interiors. Utilizing the unique properties of enriched nanodiamonds, Diamond Interior, a composite coating, stands as the ultimate guardian for plastic and vinyl components, shielding them from the sun's harmful UV rays and preventing fading and cracking. For your leather surfaces, Diamond Leather takes protection to the next level. This permeable nanodiamond composite coating guard against coffee stains, blue jean transfer, leaks, and spills, all while enabling the porous leather underneath to breathe the way nature intended. Ensure your leather retains its supple look and feel, inspiring confidence every time you use your vehicle. And don't forget, Diamond Interior and Diamond Leather also come in starter kits.

Pro-tip: Periodically apply leather conditioner on top of Diamond Leather to act as a topper, the same way Diamond Quick Body does for Diamond Body 36!