As a producer of consumer-friendly nanodiamond car coatings, we at Diamond ProTech have made hydrophobic, oleophobic, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant vehicle surface protection formulas accessible to all.  However, if you work professionally as an automotive detailer or a vehicle paint enhancement specialist, we have something a little extra for you to offer the customers from your detailing shop!

We are proud to announce that at the beginning of January 2023, we released our exclusive Professional Product Line of enriched nanodiamond car coatings. These professional grade nanodiamond car coatings bring all the great automotive paint and surface protection benefits that have been experienced and raved about in social media by those who have purchased our consumer line but BETTER.

As a professional auto detailer and car coating installer, you may immediately wonder what the difference is between our consumer nanodiamond car coating products and our new Professional Product Line. Becoming certified in Diamond ProTech’s auto surface protection products qualifies you to purchase and sell the Professional Product Line of nanodiamond car coatings.


Diamond ProTech Wheel Coatings


Diamond ProTech - Pro Line Product Overview

Diamond ProTech’s consumer line of car paint and surface protection formulas is paired with a longer lasting Professional Product Line that gives professional detailers the ability to offer customers same-day paint protection thanks to quick curing times and simple installation process.

For further comparison of the Professional Line Products, here is a brief breakdown of each Pro nanodiamond car coating:

PRO 36: Pro 36 delivers 3 years of resistance to light paint surface scratches, water spotting acid rain, dirt, and UV damage. The hydrophobicity is high with this coating after its brief 60-minute cure time and offers an oleophobic characteristic that repels dirt so well that every time it rains, the car looks great!

PRO 60: For 60 months (5 impressive years), your customer’s vehicles will benefit from a durable and glossy protective layer from Diamond ProTech’s PRO 60 Professional Line Package! This enriched nanodiamond car coating is combined with our PRO HYDRO topcoat for enhanced and unstoppable hydrophobicity.

PRO 120: This is a 10-year automotive paint and surface protection system.  The PRO 120 Professional Line Package beats out the capabilities of nearly every nanodiamond car coating offered in the market. Professional detailers rave most often about the ease and efficiency of working with PRO 120 because of its fast installation and fast 3 hour curing which offers high quality but fast turn-around in your shop.

PRO 120 Spray: Do you prefer to work with spray equipment when it comes to vehicle coatings? Check out the PRO 120 Spray Professional Product Package, which gives all the same hydrophobic, gloss-enhancing, and scratch-resistant benefits of our PRO 120 nanodiamond car coating yet offers it into an even faster spray-on application. Application time is much shorter but curing time is 3 hours just like PRO 120

PRO Wheels Spray: If you offer wheel car coatings at your auto detailing shop, consider sealing those integral parts of all make and model automobiles with our Pro Wheels Spray instead. Not only does our wheel coating prevent scratching and marring on rims, but it will also withstand temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Celsius!

Diamond Maintenance Kit: Provide yet another helpful service to your regular customers with our Diamond Maintenance Kit. After they have one of our nanodiamond car coatings installed on their automobile, you can invite them back every 6 months and utilize this maintenance package, which includes Diamond Body Prep and Diamond Quick Body to  and hydrophobicity of whatever coating has been installed.


The Diamond ProTech Pro Line Accreditation Program – What to Expect

As our Professional Product Line launches, Diamond ProTech has established a training, testing and certification program for those who want access to purchase these products and install them with a warranty to back them up.

As a certified installer, you will be able to exclusively provide your clients with our great professional nanodiamond car coating products while benefiting from their ease of use & time savings in your shop.

Our Pro Line Accreditation Program is launching alongside the Professional Product Line later this month! Not only does this training program help with understanding how to work with all the products we have here at Diamond ProTech, but the certification is also required to purchase the Diamond ProTech Pro line of products – PRO 36, PRO 60, PRO 120, and more!

We are extremely excited about getting you onboard to deliver our transformative Professional paint protection packages to your customers! The accreditation program includes:

  • An introduction to our Diamond ProTech Professional Product Line Program
  • An overview of all the offerings provided in our Professional Product Line
  • An understanding of the science behind our enriched nanodiamonds composite car coatings
  • Information about the history of Diamond ProTech as a brand
  • Proper customer vehicle preparation
  • Product application specifics
  • Nanodiamond car coating maintenance
  • Required safety equipment and environment
  • An overview of the additional benefits offered to you upon completion of the program

We will offer this program online which makes it one of the most accessible accreditation programs in the detailing industry!

Written by Diamond ProTech Staff

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