The foundation of Diamond ProTech’s role in the vehicle coating industry is built firmly on the hardest organic and inorganic materials coming together to create one revolutionary formula. Nanodiamond coatings are the future of automotive surface protection technology, and Diamond ProTech has spent seven years perfecting the process of creating nanodiamond coatings.

Nanodiamonds and How They Are Used In Nanodiamond Technology

From recent experience with customers, we know that the term ‘nanodiamonds’ sounds like a marketing spin in the automotive detailing and car care industry. The thought of applying a diamond-filled coating to your vehicle’s surfaces does give the impression that an automobile will sparkle in ways unmatched by ceramic coatings, traditional spray sealants, store-bought waxes, and other automotive surface protection formulas.

But the remarkable, functional characteristic that our patented nanodiamond car coatings have in addition to a caramel-like surface gloss is the myriad of ways that they protect vehicle surfaces against both contamination and abrasion! Best of all, nanodiamond coatings are the most user-friendly paint and surface protection products on the market, with easy application capabilities for professional detailers and vehicle owners alike.

You may understand these generalities about nanodiamond car coatings already, so let’s dig deeper and put nanodiamond technology under a microscope and help those new to these products better understand their place in the detailing industry.

Nanodiamonds themselves are just as they sound — Microscopic particles of diamonds, which is the hardest naturally-occurring substance on earth. By definition, a ‘nanodiamond’ is quite literally a diamond that is only a few nanometers in size.

The hardness and strength of diamonds and nanodiamonds are something not only to marvel at in the way of traditional uses, such as diamond rings and jewelry, but in leveraging their functional applications as well. As is the case with automotive coatings, nanodiamonds are physically rigorous and infallible while also creating an elegant appearance as they cure.

Of course, taking a test tube filled with nanodiamonds and tossing them over the top of your vehicle’s surfaces is not how these particles function. A coating formula had to be engineered to leverage the benefits of nanodiamonds. Therefore, the expert scientists and engineers at Diamond ProTech had to find an ideal host polymer that would allow the nanodiamonds to spread out and self-arrange into a molecular armored lattice. Diamond ProTech scientists took these nanodiamond particles, enriched them, and combined them with Perhydropolysilazane (PHPS) — a fully transparent, polymer that is the hardest non-organic material on earth.

Through combining these two, a patented car coating formula was developed, fully flipping the automotive detailing and vehicle surface protection industry on its head for a number of reasons. But looking even closer at the resulting formula that came from the merger of nanodiamonds and PHPS, you will find exactly how integral nanodiamonds are in this equation.

As any Diamond ProTech nanodiamond vehicle coating gets hand-applied to paint, leather seats, glass, or even metal on wheels, those nanodiamond particles themselves quickly spread out across the surface of an automobile, taking up residence in a vehicle’s surface by interlocking with small micro-pores found across those areas. 

Predominant Benefits of Nanodiamond Coatings

As the coating cures, the surfaces stay protected for extensive periods of time thanks to the permanence of the matrix-like interconnectivity, creating a solid shield with boundless benefits to the car, truck, or SUV they are protecting.

There are distinct differences between nanodiamond car coatings and other vehicle paint protection alternatives. Here are some of the more notable benefits of nanodiamond coatings that ceramic coatings, waxes, and competing spray sealants will never touch:

Ease of Application – All products that incorporate Diamond ProTech’s technology are known for being far easier to use than existing car coating technologies. This is not only for the benefit of consumers but also for the benefit of the professional auto detailer. The flashing of Diamond ProTech coatings is slower, meaning that applicators can even off all surfaces without having to do so in a stress-induced panic. This differs from many conventional ceramic coatings that tend to dry and harden quickly.

Heat and UV-Resistant — Once the coatings are cured on an automobile’s surfaces, they become extremely resistant to infrared heat and ultraviolet rays. The glossiness of nanodiamond car coatings is also the reason these characteristics are possible in that they are reflective, deflecting UV rays away from leather seats, exterior paintwork, dashboards, and any other material that makes up an automobile.

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic – Diamond ProTech nanodiamond car coatings have incredible water repellency capabilities, making them some of the most hydrophobic car coatings in the auto detailing industry. In addition to hydrophobicity, nanodiamond car coatings are oleophobic, which means that they repel oil and grime that can stain, oxidize, and corrode surfaces, especially exterior paintwork and metal trim surfaces that are frequently exposed to liquid messes containing harsh chemicals.

Surface Hardness and Scratch Resistance – Here is where the technology created by Diamond ProTech really pulls ahead of the pack to win the race! Uniting the two hardest organic and inorganic materials means the surface hardness brings the highest abrasion resistance available, but the fact that the inorganic component is a polymer also means these coatings are flexible and self-healing in a similar fashion to clear bras!

Tactile Feel and Caramel-Like Gloss – For many detailers and customers alike, the look of these fully cured coatings draws their attention. Traditional ceramic coatings are glossy, but nanodiamond car coatings offer a deeper caramel-like sheen and are physically smooth to the touch.


Diamond ProTech — Composite Coating Pioneers

From the science behind nanodiamond car coatings to the benefits they bring to all makes and models of automobiles, it is no question that this technology is breaking new ground in comprehensive automotive surface protection, value enhancement, and aesthetic improvements!

Leading this revolution is Diamond ProTech — A Swiss nanotechnology company that has patented the creation of the merger of enriched nanodiamonds and the hard polymer PHPS. This evenly distributed, diamond armored, elastic coating technology continues to revolutionize the car coating industry.

One additional unsung benefit to nanodiamond car coatings that resulted from seven years of intensive research, trial and error, and development is how ecologically friendly they are. The creation, application, and use of enriched nanodiamond car coatings does not negatively impact the environment the way other cheap vehicle coating alternatives do which means that this is a sustainable solution.  Just think how much water is saved when the car practically washes itself – not to mention the reduction of detergents disposed of into the sewer systems from all those avoided wash days!

Learn more about all the nanodiamond car coating products available here at Diamond ProTech by connecting with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages Please also stay tuned to our blog to learn more about our patented nanodiamond car coating technology, our history, and any new formulas we release in the future.

Written by Diamond ProTech Staff

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