• 10-Year Intensely Durable Protection
  • Enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Extreme Gloss and Slickness
  • Extremely fast, convenient, sprayable protection

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Size: 50ml
  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface, making sure it is contaminant-free before application
  2. Clean spray gun with PRO SOLVENT SPRAY (Spray Gun Cleaner) before applying PRO HYDRO2 SPRAY to ensure maximum application yield
  3. Ensure the ambient temperature is between 50-90°F (10-30°C) in an indoor, humidity controlled environment
  4. Connect the bottle to the Diamond ProTech adapter and then to a IWATA LPH-80 spray gun with a 0.8mm needle 
  5. Check to make sure the spray gun is set to: Air nipple = 3.5, Fluid nipple = 3.5-4.5 (depending on surface), Pressure = 0.1-0.2 BAR
  6. Shake bottle of PRO 120 Spray A thoroughly for 15 seconds or longer
  7. Spray PRO 120 SPRAY A evenly over 3-4 sections of the car. Partially overlap each pass over the previous to insure full coverage
  8. Wait 10-15 mins and buff off any excess 
  9. Clean the spray gun with PRO SOLVENT SPRAY a 2nd time to prepare for the next layer
  10. Wait 1 hour between coats
  11. Repeat steps 6-8, but this time with PRO 120B
  12.  Wait 1 hour between coats
  13.  Repeat steps 6-8, but this time with PRO HYDRO2
  14.  Clean spray gun with PRO SOLVENT SPRAY a final time when finished. Allow coating to cure for 2 hours before using the vehicle.
  • We recommend that you use an IWATA LPH-80 spray gun with 0.8mm needle.
  • Clean spray gun with PRO SOLVENT SPRAY between layers and immediately after applying final layer of coating to avoid any permanent damage to the spray gun
  • Recommended spray gun settings:Air nipple – 3.5
  • Fluid nipple – 3.5-4.5 (depending on porousness of surface)
  • Pressure – 0.1-0.2 BAR

Our 10 Year Coating System

PRO 120 SPRAY offers top of the line protection and aesthetic look, while enabling the detailer the ability to work in a comfortable and efficient manner. 100% inorganic polymers infused with trillions of nanodiamond particles are combined to create a finish that will amaze.

PRO 120 SPRAY is a multi-stage, top-of-the-line nanodiamond coating. Utilizing our most sophisticated pairing of enriched nanodiamond composites, PRO 120 creates immense protection, scratch resistance and rich color depth.

Combined with PRO HYDRO² SPRAY, our long-lasting hydrophobic topcoat, this package creates an intense mirror-like gloss and irresistible slickness. With proper preparation, PRO 120 SPRAY will yield up to 10 years of hardened, hydrophobic protection.