There is no question that the nanodiamond car coatings available here at Diamond ProTech are a great way to protect and preserve the value of your vehicle while also improving its appearance. But the real key to their beauty and effectiveness is found in proper car care.

Maintaining your nanodiamond coating is absolutely essential to achieving the longevity and hydrophobic surface quality you are looking for. Regular maintenance done by you right at home and by a detailing professional eliminates any residual grime that might not have been initially repelled by the high hydrophobicity and profound surface slickness of your coating.

Harnessing the maximum protection and performance of your Diamond ProTech nanodiamond car coating is well within your grasp, so in today’s blog, we will thoroughly discuss some of the best maintenance techniques and insider tips on how to properly maintain your car coating so you can continuously see results!

Coating Maintenance: The Key to Longevity and Hydrophobic Success

Proper Vehicle Maintenance Provides You With a Long-Lasting Finish

There are three primary goals that regular vehicle maintenance provides any type of car coating, including the composite nanodiamond car coatings we provide here at Diamond ProTech. Our mission in helping customers get the most out of their paint and surface protection products is to educate them on the very foundation of why car coating maintenance is important.

Let’s take a closer look at those three goals of coating maintenance before we explore some of the best techniques that accomplish each one of these:

Extend the Life of Your Coating - All types of car coatings have a certain shelf life of which can be extended with proper maintenance. With regard to the nanodiamond car coatings from Diamond ProTech, our products are not only hydrophobic and oleophobic, but they are physically durable in being both defect and scratch resistance. However, certain contaminants can exhaust these characteristics prematurely, so by eliminating them, you take away some of the work your coating needs to do to protect your ride. 

Protect Against Environmental Elements - The diversity of environmental elements found around the world all have a different effect on vehicle surfaces and the coatings that protect them. Although both ceramic coatings and the nanodiamond composite car coatings we have here at Diamond ProTech are extremely hydrophobic, that does not mean that certain quantities of environmental contamination will not stick here and there. To be safe, professionally and safely eliminating any residual contamination helps let it breathe.

Enhance Shine and Hydrophobicity - Surface shine is a remarkable characteristic of our nanodiamond car coatings, one that many customers seek out above all the other protective characteristics, including their hydrophobicity and oleophobicity. Proper coating maintenance sustains all of those characteristics, as hydrophobicity and oleophobicity has a direct impact on the shine and glossiness of your protected ride by repelling all types of contamination. 

Coating Maintenance for Diamond Body 36

How to Properly Maintain Your Diamond ProTech Composite Car Coating

To accomplish the goals of an extended coating life, protection from heavy contamination, and to facilitate enhanced shine, we have several maintenance methods for customers to consider. Granted, each one is a little different from another, which maintenance method you choose to preserve your nanodiamond car coating often depends on the type of contamination your vehicle faces, how long you go between car care efforts, and how contaminated your ride is.

Here are some of the most effective ways to maintain your nanodiamond car coating as recommended by our auto care experts:

General Washes - General washes are defined as a safe, simple hand wash to remove light contaminants from your coated automobile. We encourage vehicle owners to consider doing a general wash every 1 to 2 weeks, which consistently keeps any excess contamination at bay and simultaneously allows your car coating to prevent the contamination it can prevent.

For newly installed car coatings, we recommend you wait 1 to 2 weeks before doing a general wash to allow your coating to fully cure to a maximum level. Be sure to avoid using cleaning products that have waxes, polymers, or other protectants in them, as these products are adding protection over your car coating which ultimately clogs its effectiveness and gloss rather than decontaminating it! And finally, do not forget to always use proper wash techniques and microfiber towels.

Decontamination Washes - A decontamination wash is typically more aggressive than a general washing process. Decontamination washes are used to break down much heavier contaminants and dirt that has accumulated over time or that has resulted from infrequent or inadequate washing. You can perform a successful decontamination wash on your nanodiamond car coating by using soaps designed for this purpose or by using an All Purpose Cleaner (APC) as part of a general wash step.

In addition to using those formulas, many heavy contaminants can be removed by using a clay solution or synthetic clay solution, also known as a clay bar decontamination process. Proper clay lubricants have been designed exclusively for the vehicle decontamination, agitating and removing heavy contamination that cannot be eliminated by a general wash.

Maintenance for Nanodiamond Coatings

Low pH Baths - In order to remove heavy contamination or embedded particles of dust and dirt from your nanodiamond car coating, a low pH bath can be an effective solution. Commonly part of a decontamination wash, a low pH bath — also known as an acid bath — traditionally removes water spotting and mineral spotting on your coating.

By aiming decontamination efforts at eliminating the minerals that have embedded themselves into your vehicle’s coatings, a low pH bath is extremely effective in maintaining our nanodiamond car coatings.

High pH Presoak - Add a high pH presoak to your low or high pH baths to successfully degrease and better decontaminate your fully coated automobile. Generally, a high pH presoak is the perfect combination in helping eliminate heavy grime caused by road spray, a collection of gear oils, transmission oil, or other additives that collect on the roadways you drive through.

This soak breaks down the integrity of those contaminants, making your low or high pH baths more effective than they can be as a stand alone effort.

Diamond Quick Body Application - Proper added surface protection to your Diamond ProTech car coating is always a great option, especially following a proper decontamination wash, low or high pH bath, or a high pH presoak. An addition of Diamond Quick Body to your automobile is recommended every 6 to 12 months following a decontamination wash.

The benefit of Diamond Quick Body is that it adds 6 months of additional hydrophobic surface protection to your car coating. This saves you on needing to perform a heavy decontamination wash and allows you to instead consider a general wash to easily remove any light, residual contamination from your automobile.

Diamond Quick Body for Nanodiamond Coating Maintenance

Your Coating is Still Effective, It Just Needs Some Care!

If you have noticed a reduction in hydrophobic or oleophobic properties, a decline in your paint gloss, or if heavy contamination is starting to replace the caramel-like shine you are now used to, don’t panic! Your coating is not defective nor does it need to be replaced - It just needs a good maintenance effort to set it back on the right track.

Consider implementing the vehicle maintenance processes explored here today so you can enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful paint shine, sparkling finish, and the high hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and scratch resistant characteristics our nanodiamond car coatings are known for.

If you want to explore the helpful tips and maintenance processes that keep your nanodiamond car coating pristine and protective, be sure to check out our complete coating kits, including our Maintenance Kitand don’t forget to follow our social media accounts below. Our team is always sharing helpful insights into getting the most out of your Diamond ProTech nanodiamond coatings!


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