Featuring cutting edge, patented nanodiamond technology, our coatings offer all of the best characteristics of ceramic coatings, without any of the headache. Any Diamond ProTech Complete Coating Kit from our lineup has everything you need to get started for both inside and outside your car. You will quickly realize how our coatings are even easier than applying a wax or sealant, and last longer than any comparable ceramic coating on the market.

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About Diamond ProTech Complete Coating Kits

Diamond ProTech complete coating kits offer everything you need to keep your car, truck, SUV, boat, bicycle or plane protected for years to come. Each kit includes all of the essential tools required to achieve professional results, in a DIY fashion. No professional certifications or accreditation required. All our kits include our Diamond Prep surface prep spray, nirtrile gloves, a premium microfiber applicator, a scratch-free microfiber towel, and the unique coating according to whichever kit you choose.

You will no longer be interested in ceramic coating your vehicle, after you try out one of our nanodiamond composite coatings. Choose from our diverse array of coatings, suitable for any part of your vehicle. Whether you choose one of our interior coatings or exterior coatings, they all feature everything you've come to know and love from ceramic coatings, but with none of the hassle ceramic coatings are known for. Our body coatings (Diamond Quick Body, Diamond Body, and Diamond Body 36) will use the synergy of PHPS (Per-Hydro-Polysilazane) and enriched nanodiamonds to create an inpenertable barrier on your vehicle's paint, trim, metal, and plastic components. We even have a specialty exterior body coating, Diamond Wrap, engineered to be applied to unique subtrates such as PPF (paint protection film) and vinyl wrap. Our Diamond Glass composite coating will keep your vehicle's glass crystal clear. It will be drastically easier to see in the rain, your glass will be ultra hydrophobic requiring little to no use of your wiper blades during rain storms, and best of all, it will resist frost in freezing whether due to it's roots in aerospace technology. Our temperature resistant wheel coating, is everything a ceramic wheel coating wishes it could be, with temperature resistance of up to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius), whereas most ceramic coatings will breakdown after just a few hundred degrees of temperature exposure. Lastly, either of our interior focused coatings are sure to win you over from ceramic technology. Diamond Interior will protect all of the plastic and vinyl components throughout your interior, keeping them from fading and cracking due to the sun's harmful UV rays, while Diamond Leather will keep your leather free of any coffee stains, blue jean transfer, leaks, or spills of any kind.

Pro-tip: Do not use the same applicator face twice. Make sure to either mark the side of the applicator you use for one application, before moving onto the next application, or just discard of the applicator entirely if you are unsure of which side you used. Our nanodiamond composite coatings harden to form a rock hard barrier over the surface, so they will do the same to the applicator. If the same side of an applicator is used twice, you risk scratching and marring the surface. These same rules apply to any microfiber towels used during the coating process.