Round Applicator (Pearl Puck by The Rag Company) – 4-Count Pack

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The Pearl Puck Applicator is an industry first collaboration between The Rag Company & Autofiber. By combining forces, we have created an ergonomic ceramic coating applicator with the best qualities of both brands.

The Pearl Puck features TRC's Pearl Microfiber Weave outer construction combined with Autofiber’s signature plastic barrier and dense foam core. The result is a comfortable applicator that prevents excess coating from seeping into the core, and a smooth ceramic coating application experience. Size is 3.5” / 9cm 


Apply out of direct sunlight on exterior vehicle surfaces that are cool to the touch.Not recommended for glass surfaces if the glass has been coated with DIAMOND GLASS coating.

- 2 Microfiber Towels
- Protective Gloves

Spray onto the surface area.
Wipe gently over the entire area at least twice to provide even coverage.
Work in sections to ensure correct and thorough application.
Use a dry microfiber towel to remove any excess product and buff to a great caramel gloss shine!

Download the product warnings – this is the multi-language product hazard warnings for EU/EMEA markets.


Required Prep for Nano Diamond Coatings

Removes Oil, Sealants & Polish Residue

Easy Spray-on, Wipe-off