When you are selecting which extensive and flexible vehicle paint protection product to install on your automobile, what are some of the key components you pay attention to? Is the length of product efficacy all that matters, or does your driving lifestyle demand other unique car care characteristics?

What Diamond ProTech nanodiamond coating is best for you? Diamond Body or Diamond Body 36?

Here at Diamond ProTech, we have two similar nanodiamond car coatings: Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36. Other than their names being nearly identical, how do these car coating products compare to one another? Even further, how different are the two of these and why would you consider one over the other?

Our experts here at Diamond ProTech are here to answer this inquiry, highlighting each individual characteristic of both Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36. This is sure to help you determine which is applicable for what specific driving or vehicle scenario you as a vehicle owner are a part of.


Similarities Between Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36

The comparisons of our Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 car coatings are easy to understand on a general level. These nanodiamond coatings each provide a flexible and scratch-resistant surface while facilitating gloss, stain-resistant hydrophobicity, and low-maintenance slickness.

Diamond ProTech coatings feature our groundbreaking nanodiamond technology, which we developed by combining the hardness of diamonds with the flexibility of various combinations of silica based polymers including one of the hardest inorganic polymers in the world, Polysilazane (PHPS). Both Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 leverage this technology to provide slightly different performances with each coating choice.

Outside of those generalities, let’s dive deeper into what each of those means for your car, truck, or SUV

Easy One-Step Application – This characteristic of both Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 is a cornerstone to the work we have put into creating nanodiamond technology here at Diamond ProTech. Both products require only one step to apply them to a vehicle and are extremely easy for consumers to maintain control of while they install it. This makes both Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36, among other products here at Diamond ProTech, approachable for all levels of vehicle care experience. Note that the one step is only for the coating, as it's recommended to prep your vehicle before you apply your nanodiamond coating. 

Scratch Resistant Surfaces – Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 have the same nanodiamond makeup, which is extremely flexible and durable. Both formulas defend against light scratches, etching, and much of what a traditional glossy ceramic coating cannot protect against. Our nanodiamond car coatings are like hand-applied armor for your vehicle’s exterior!

Coating Efficacy – Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 are both durable coatings with protective, hydrophobic, and oleophobic abilities. That means that no matter which coating you choose, your car care routine will be changed dramatically for the better!

Complete Coating Kits - Both Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 has a complete coating kit, complete with microfiber rags, applicators, gloves, and Diamond Body Prep, which is everything you need to apply your Diamond ProTech nanodiamond coating to your vehicle. 

Primary Differences Between These Two Car Coatings

If our Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 seem interchangeable, making it harder for you to decide between when purchasing a coating for your vehicle, hang tight! The differences between these nanodiamond formulas require a closer look into how they compare.

What your driving lifestyle entails or how many vehicles you own will undoubtedly affect which of these two products you are more likely to consider. Consider the following main differences between Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 when the time comes for you to choose between these nanodiamond car coatings.

Coating Application Time – Due to its less viscous consistency, Diamond Body applies very easily.  The slickness effect is immediately noticeable.  The time between application and removal of any excess is also considerably less in Diamond Body making overall application time a bit shorter.  Diamond Body 36 allows for a longer time between the application of the coating and the removal of any excess, allowing you to apply the coating to more than one panel at a time, working at a comfortable pace.

Coating Curing Time – Diamond Body 36 takes about a solid hour to bond to the surfaces you apply it to, whereas Diamond Body cures instantly. This means that with Diamond Body’s fast curing time, there is less of a chance that your environment will have any effect on your finish.

Gloss and Color Enhancements – Our unique nanodiamond car coatings like Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36, enhance vehicle paint in ways that far outmatch other spray sealants, traditional ceramic coatings, and car waxes. The nanodiamonds in our products create a sparkling, caramel effect, showing off your vehicle’s paintwork remarkably.  Diamond Body has a slightly darkening effect, while Diamond Body 36 has a more refined color enhancement, highlighting every pigment in the car’s body paint.

Protection Longevity – Diamond Body is a good entry-level coating for those just starting to explore the power of nanodiamonds, due to its shorter length of surface efficacy (18 months). If you are hoping to have multiple years of slick surfaces, hydrophobicity, and scratch-resistant paint protection on a single car, truck, or SUV, Diamond Body 36 is more suited for you.

Quantity of Formula – This is one of the differences that are most beneficial to understand when selecting between Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36. Diamond Body comes in a 50ml quantity, while Diamond Body 36 comes in a 30ml & 50 ml amount. This means that one bottle of Diamond Body can cover more vehicles, and you would need multiple bottles of Diamond Body 36 to accomplish the same vehicle paint protection task.

Which Vehicle Nanodiamond Coating is Best?

So, which of these two products do we feel is best for you?

All the functional characteristics of these nanodiamond car coatings are remarkable, but if you have multiple vehicles, Diamond Body goes the distance needed in terms of quantity. It comes in a 50ml quantity, making all its hydrophobic and glossy characteristics as a hardened nanodiamond car coating a more cost-effective product.

A single bottle of 50ml Diamond Body coats 2-3 sedans and up to 2 SUVs. Comparatively, you would need to buy a bottle of Diamond Body 36 for each vehicle you own, costing more on a per car basis.

While you enjoy the top-tier results of our Diamond Body nanodiamond paint protection formula, learn more about these and our other products by following our social media accounts today.

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