Discover the pinnacle of vehicle protection with Diamond ProTech's Pro Body Coatings – exclusively available through our certified professional installers. Featuring multi-layer coatings with up to 10 years of rock hard, diamond-grade protection, our nanodiamond composite coatings offer unmatched durability and longevity.

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Beneficios de la certificación

  • Acceso a productos exclusivos para profesionales que ofrecen recubrimientos de 3, 5 y 10 años

  • Un equipo dedicado de detallistas certificados por IDA está adjunto a este programa para supervisar nuestro servicio al cliente, preguntas y respuestas, métodos de instrucción y eventos.

  • Programa integral Diamond ProTech PRO en apoyo de nuestra comunidad de detallistas certificados, como biblioteca de activos de marketing/redes sociales, boletines, eventos del club, cursos de capacitación y más.

About Diamond Protech Pro Body Coatings

Fortify any vehicle's protection to an industry-leading level with Diamond ProTech Pro Body Coatings – exclusively available through our certified professional installers. Our formulations are the epitome of surface protection technology, synergizing Perhydro Polysilazanes and enriched nanodiamonds to surpass even the best ceramic coatings, ensuring unparalleled protection for your vehicle.

Certified PRO installers get the ultimate degree of flexibility with Diamond Protech Nanodiamond coatings. Installers can offer customers 3 different exclusive body coatings, specifially catered to each customer's unique needs and budgetary boundaries. Pro 36 is cost-effective brilliance, a 1-layer coating providing 3 years of superior defense. For more extended protection, Pro 60 offers a 2-layer solution, guaranteeing 5 years of protective excellence. The pinnacle of durability however, is found in Pro 120, a 3-layer coating offering an impressive 10 years of impermeable protection, with a unique chemical resistance tolerance of pH 1-14.

Professionals in the detailing industry find unmatched profitability with our Pro Body Coatings. Thanks to their incredibly fast curing times, vehicles can be released just one hour after application, minimizing downtime for detailing shops. Unlike coatings that require 12, 24, or even 48 hours of waiting time, our coatings enable shops to efficiently turnover customer vehicles, enhancing overall business profitability. Professionals who are serious about their detailing businesses choose Diamond ProTech's Pro Body Coatings to ensure they're providing their clients with nothing but the best protection, while maximizing profitability.