Bolster your vehicle's exterior protection with Diamond ProTech's Other Exterior Products. From crystal-clear visibility with Diamond Glass to extreme temperature resistance with Diamond Wheels, our advanced nanodiamond composite coatings are tailored for specific surfaces beyond the vehicle's body. Explore the pinnacle of exterior defense for your glass and wheels.

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About Diamond Protech Other Exterior Coatings

Complete the full spectrum of nanodiamond vehicle protection with Diamond ProTech's Other Exterior Products. Diamond Glass, a nanodiamond composite coating, goes beyond ordinary glass treatment. This visibility inducing coating resists frost and exhibits unparalleled hydrophobicity, ensuring optimal performance even in the most challenging weather conditions. For your wheels, prevent caked-on brake dust and environmental contamination with the help of Diamond Wheels. Our composite wheel coating stands as a testament to extreme temperature resistance, withstanding up to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius), thanks to it's aerospace origins, where coated satillites have to meet the demands of breaking through the stratosphere at speed.

Pro-tip: Apply 2 layers of Diamond Glass for maximum hydrophobicity.