• 6 months hydrophobic protection
  • Easy Spray-on, Wipe off
  • Unique, Hybrid Si02 Formula
  • Resists UV Oxidation and Water Spots
  • Offers a Slick-Feel and a beautiful Caramel Gloss

Recommended: Diamond Body Prep for best application and full strength

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Application Instructions


  • Apply out of direct sunlight on exterior vehicle surfaces that are cool to the touch.
  • Not recommended for glass surfaces if the glass has been coated with Diamond Glass coating.


  • 1 Microfiber Towel
  • Protective Gloves


  • Spray onto the surface area. Wipe gently over the entire area at least twice to provide even coverage.
  • Work in sections to ensure correct and thorough application. Use a dry microfiber towel to remove any excess product and buff to a great caramel gloss shine!

Fast and Effortless Protection

Diamond Quick Body is an effortless, nanodiamond hybrid Si02 spray coating which yields 6 months of hydrophobic protection. This spray and wipe formula will maintain and enhance our coating systems - protecting from UV oxidation and hydrophobicity. Immediately, a slick, caramel gloss appears on any coated or non-coated vehicle.

Application Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Iván O Cruz

This product is absolutely amazing!!! Keep going work for us

Great product, and awesome customer service

Purchased Body 36 and Quick Body April 2023. Applied Body 36 and decided to wait until October(winter prep) to apply Quick Body. With Body 36 still going incredibly strong I questioned some of YouTubers if I should bother applying it and all responded that it would improve slickness at the very least. So since I had it I decided to go ahead, unfortunately when I went to apply it I noticed the product had seperated, no big deal I figured, I would give it a good shake for a few minutes - but to my surprise it was a No Go. No matter how much I tried to shake it product would not mix and it was sealed never opened. I reached out (chat) to Diamond Protech, explained what happened, and 2 weeks later received a new bottle of Quick Body. No inquisitive questions trying to figure out what I did wrong or putting some sort of guilt trip on me, no proof of purchase - just a picture showing the bottle and how product had separated. Absolutely 100% recommend Body 36 and Quick Body.