• 12 Month Hydrophobic Protection
  • Repels Oil, Grease and Water
  • Results in a Smooth, Matte Finish

Recommended: Diamond Body Prep for best application and full strength

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Size: 50ML
Application Instructions


  • Applicable only to smooth leather or leather-replacement surfaces (do NOT apply to suede, alcantara, vegan or synthetic leather).
  • Apply when air humidity does not exceed 70%.
  • Apply in temperatures above 10°C/50°F degrees. Wear protective gloves. If accidentally applied to non-leather surfaces, clean up immediately as long exposure may cause staining.
  • Avoid applying Diamond Leather to bright white leather in convertables as it can cause a greying effect.



Diamond Leather will absorb easily into the leather. Any excess which remains unabsorbed will haze. Buff the surface with a clean microfiber towel to remove excess product.


  • Treat with Diamond Body Prep & dry with a microfiber towel.
  • Shake Diamond Leather well for 15 seconds and then apply 15 drops to an applicator.
  • Apply on 1-2 elements of the car interior in crosshatch fashion.
  • Wait 1-3 mins and proceed to polish off excess with a microfiber towel.
  • Wait 30 minutes for the coating to fully cure.

Natural Leather Protection

Diamond Leather is a nanodiamond coating that is specially formulated for leather surfaces. Creating a transparent protective layer, Diamond Leather will repel oil, grease and water for up to 12 months.

Application Instructions