• 24 Month Hydrophobic Protection
  • Effortless, Single-Layer Application
  • Diamond Hard Scratch Resistance
  • Offers a Slick-Feeling and Caramel Gloss Shine

Recommended: Diamond Bike Prep for best application and full strength

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Size: 20ML
Application Instructions


  • Apply in temperatures between 10-30°C, 50-90°F.
  • Apply in a closed, well ventilated indoor area with air humidity not exceeding 70%.
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Use fresh applicators & microfiber towels for application of additional layers (do not use previously used towels).


  • 1 Microfiber Towel
  • 1 Applicator Pad
  • Protective Gloves
  • Diamond Bike Prep


If applied in hot climate (over 30°C/90°F), lower flashing time.

When DIAMOND BIKE's solvent evaporates, the surface will haze. This indicates that the bike's finish has absorbed the coating and is ready for buffing to remove excess material.


Wash, polish and treat the bike with Diamond Bike Prep.

Shake DIAMOND BIKE bottle thoroughly for 15 seconds.

Place 15 drops on an applicator.

Apply generously and evenly over all painted and chrome parts of the bike.

Wait 1-3 mins and polish off excess with a microfiber towel.

Allow to cure for 1 hour before taking the bike out into the elements.

Download the product warnings – this is the multi-language product hazard warnings for EU/EMEA markets.


Diamond Bike Prep

Beautify and Protect Your Bike!

DIAMOND BIKE is a coating that results in an ultra-smooth feel, amazing gloss, and long-lasting hydrophobicity, repelling liquid, dirt, and oil for up to 24 months. Your bike washes effortlessly, stays cleaner longer, and always looks great.

DIAMOND BIKE is our breakthrough nanodiamond bike coating that doesn't require professional training to achieve amazing, hydrophobic results. Prep the bike with Diamond Bike Prep, then apply with ease.

DIAMOND BIKE will yield up to 24 months of hydrophobic protection making your bike easy to wash and amaze you with its intense candy apple shine.