• 12 Months of Hydrophobic Protection
  • High Temperature Resistant >1000°C/1832°F
  • Prevents Brake Dust & Road Grime Corrosion
  • Keeps Rims & Brake Calipers Clean and Glossy
  • Hand or Spray Gun Application

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  • Apply in temperatures between 10-30°C, 50-90°F.
  • Apply in a closed, well ventilated, indoor area with air humidity not exceeding 70%
  • Clean spray gun with PRO SOLVENT SPRAY (Spray Gun Cleaner) between products and immediately after applying PRO HYDRO SPRAY to avoid any permanent damage to the spray gun.
  • Must wear protective gloves and appropriate respirator.


  • 2 Microfiber Towels
  • Spray Gun & Diamond ProTech Adapter
  • Protective Gloves
  • Respirator Mask
  • Diamond Body Prep


  • Appropriate for metal surfaces which experience high-heat. As the coating bonds to the surface a haze will appear. This indicates coating is ready to be removed. If the product dries on the surface or is difficult to remove, re-wet the area with more product and immediately buff off.
  • For a faster curing of PRO WHEELS SPRAY we suggests using IR Drying lamps


  • Temperature: 50-60°C / 120-140°F
  • Distance to bodywork: 60-70 cm / 24-28 inches.
  • Time: 10-15 minutes for each section.


  • Prepare the wheels by washing, then treat with Diamond Body Prep.
  • Shake the bottle of PRO WHEELS SPRAY for 15 seconds. Connect the bottle to the Diamond ProTech adapter and then to the IWATA LPH-80 spray gun.
  • Proceed to spray PRO WHEELS SPRAY evenly over all parts of the wheel. Partially overlap each pass over the previous one to insure full coverage.
  • Wait 3-5 mins and polish off excess with a low-nap microfiber towel. Allow to cure for 1 hour before using the vehicle.
  • Clean the spray gun with SOLVENT SPRAY when finished.
  • We recommend that you use an IWATA LPH-80 spray gun with 0.8mm needle.
  • Clean spray gun with PRO SOLVENT SPRAY between layers and immediately after applying final layer of coating to avoid any permanent damage to the spray gun
  • Recommended spray gun settings:Air nipple – 3.5
  • Fluid nipple – 3.5-4.5 (depending on porousness of surface)
  • Pressure – 0.1-0.2 BAR

Embellece y protege tus ruedas

PRO WHEELS SPRAY es nuestro exclusivo recubrimiento para llantas que protegerá de todo tipo de suciedad, aceite, polvo de frenos y productos químicos.

PRO WHEELS SPRAY es un compuesto protector que puede soportar temperaturas de más de 1000 °C/1832 °F.

Úselo para recubrir llantas, pinzas de freno e incluso sistemas de escape.

Prevendrá la corrosión del polvo de los frenos y mantendrá las llantas impecables y hermosas durante 1 año.