Explore comprehensive professional-grade protection with Diamond ProTech's Pro Multi Product Boxes. Tailored for certified professional installers, these curated all-in-one sets offer everything certified PRO installers need to get the job done.

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Benefits of certification

  • Access to Professional-only products that offer 3, 5, and 10-year coatings

  • A dedicated team of IDA-certified detailers is attached to this program to oversee our customer service, Q&A, instructional methods, and events.

  • Comprehensive Diamond ProTech PRO Program in support of our certified detailer community such as Marketing/Social Media Asset Library, Newsletter, Club Events, Training Courses, and more.

About Diamond Protech Pro Muldi-Product Boxes

Diamond ProTech's Pro Multi Product Boxes are the ultimate all-in-one solution tailored exclusively for certified PRO installers. Meticulously curated to redefine convenience and versatility in surface defense, these sets feature our advanced nanodiamond base coatings and their respective hydrophobic top layers. All together, these thoughtfully designed packages provide comprehensive protection, delivered in a professional, aesthetic package. For the Spray Multi-Product Box, a spray adapter also comes with the kit.