The great outdoors can be beautiful all around the world, and each unique location is exciting to drive in. The spring is filled with fresh air and new growth, or for many, the first opportunities to drive with the windows down. The summer features clear skies and bright, beautiful sun that allows your ride to stay clean. And the fall is a period of change and milder temperatures, providing cozy drives to gaze at the changing leaves.

Then comes winter, and for proud vehicle owners, the beauty of the first snowfall collecting on the trees is often obscured by mountains of gray slush, road grime, frigid temperatures leading to ice, sleet and freezing rain, and intensely negative impacts on all aspects of their vehicle. This is unavoidable as winter’s wind and precipitation is a future certainty for all drivers, no matter where you live.

Every automobile deserves to be protected through the harsh winter months every year, and with the multitude of nanodiamond car coatings from Diamond ProTech, you need not worry about what will happen to your car as it faces the brutal elements.


Why Should You Protect Your Vehicle for Winter?

Most probably have an idea of why the winter is rough on any given car, truck, or SUV; however, those same drivers likely pay no mind, throw it into drive, and venture into the great unknown without proper surface security that is readily available to them, affordable, and easy to install.

Let’s consider some of the biggest threats that an automobile faces in winter, starting first and foremost with road salt and slush. The most common misconception that vehicle manufacturers have inadvertently sold to drivers is that the automobile of today is somehow resistant to corrosion and rust caused by salt put on the roads, thanks to its factory clear coat. This is not true.

There is a clear coat on your vehicle’s paintwork; however, it is quickly degraded when road spray, rock salt residue, and the salt brine that roads are pre-treated with is left on it for too long. These chemicals chew their way down to your paintwork, then corrosion occurs. Eventually, you will notice your finish start to fade in luster as a result.

Moving on to sleet and ice, scraping your glass surfaces and windshield free of ice buildup can and will leave defects and discrepancies in the glass itself. In terms of driver safety, heavy icing on your windshield takes quite a bit to melt, and while you drive, any freezing drizzle will stick to all glass surfaces, obscuring your vision and making it dangerous to drive. The same goes for road spray that does not freeze, creating a haze across your windshield.

Finally, paint defects and discrepancies are always a possibility in winter, especially with frozen snow, ice, and salt pellets getting sent airborne out on the highway. Each time any of these threats contact your vehicle’s exterior paintwork, an unsightly nick, scratch, or scrape is sure to remain.


How to Winterize Your Car with Diamond Protech Nanodiamond Coatings

When considering paint and surface protection for your car, truck, or SUV, we at Diamond ProTech encourage you to apply nanodiamond car coatings that stop a wide variety of threats from diminishing your vehicle’s value, aesthetic beauty, and physical function. Here are four leading benefits to vehicle surface protection in winter and beyond!

Surface Scratch Resistance - Paintwork is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about surface scratch resistance, but this also applies to chrome trim pieces and even glass surfaces. Applying applicable nanodiamond car coatings from Diamond ProTech to your paint or other delicate exterior surfaces gives them a durable, scratch-resistant surface layer that preserves clarity and physical integrity. Diamond ProTech’s nanodiamond coatings have been tested and proved to be 1000 times more abrasion resistant than clearcoat!

UV Protection - It may be hard to believe, but the sun does come out during the winter months! When it does, it is intensified by the bright white snowfall. In turn, UV rays are reflected, and your paintwork is exposed to them even more than usual. This effect is like the reflectiveness of the surface of water creating more UV intensity on a boat. Our composite coatings are impenetrable by UV light, disallowing those rays from ever reaching your finish. 

Increased Hydrophobicity - This is perhaps the most valuable benefit to protecting your car, truck, or SUV with a Diamond ProTech nanodiamond car coating in winter! Winter weather does not always freeze, and often is a slushy consistency, creating puddles of road wash that can cause your paint and other surfaces to degrade. Aesthetically, a dirty automobile in winter can be aggravating to look at. Having high surface hydrophobicity means that environmental contaminants will run off more easily and not leave that all too familiar winter “look”. This can keep your windshield and glass surfaces free and clear of road grime while you drive as well. 

Simple Vehicle Maintenance - This plays into the increase in surface hydrophobicity, as light contamination will generally bead up, run off, or evaporate from your finish. However, heavier messes will eventually require a visit to your favorite auto detailer. Cleaning any exterior and interior of your automobile that has been coated with any of our nanodiamond car coatings will be a simple endeavor, as the high-level surface hydrophobicity keeps contamination from sticking to your surfaces in immovable ways.


Diamond ProTech Products That Make Winter Driving Safe

Diamond ProTech is an industry leader in providing caramel-like shine to paintwork, protecting exterior glass, and even giving vehicle interiors a hydrophobic and oleophobic reinforcement. All these composite car coatings and more form a long-term bond with those vehicle surfaces, repelling winter weather contamination and degradation with expert precision!

Our team of car care experts have carefully selected a few iconic products of ours that put up the best defense during winter and want to explore them with you here so you can drive a vehicle that looks clean and stays safe through bitter cold, ice, slush, and snow.

Diamond Glass - This is a very popular product in the winter for its ability to keep your windshield, windows, side mirrors, and rear windshield free of dried road spray, slush, sleet, and ice. The 12 months of protection brought about by our enriched nanodiamond formula means your car, truck, or SUV will have crystal clear glass surfaces during winter and well beyond! 

Our team recommends you begin with Diamond Glass Prep - A nanodiamond formula that clears any molecular contamination and prepares your windshield to properly receive an easy application of Diamond Glass.

Diamond InteriorAs you can imagine, all the exterior contamination of winter quickly works its way inside your vehicle’s cab every time you or a passenger hops in. While certain floor mats can be used as a catch-all for salt, slush, and other environmental contamination, what about the other areas that see it?

Our Diamond Interior composite car coating is exclusively designed to seal vinyl and plastic behind a hydrophobic and oleophobic shield, so what comes into your cab is quickly rendered useless. This coating also facilitates up to 12 months of UV resistance, so all that glow from the sun reflected off the snow on the ground will be repelled from your dash, center console, and steering wheel.

Diamond Quick Body - Need a quick solution for protecting your pride and joy throughout the winter months? Our Diamond Quick Body formula is a nanodiamond hybrid coating spray that is easily applied at home to unleash a 6-month level of durability, hydrophobicity, and a slick, caramel-like gloss appearance! Live in an area where winter messes do not accumulate until mid-winter? Easily apply this coating then and enjoy surface protection through springtime!

Installing Diamond Quick Body on exterior vehicle paintwork is a simple spray-and-wipe process. Vehicle owners will quickly notice the surface of their car, truck, or SUV become impervious to the common water spotting that occurs during the winter. We encourage you to start your installation with Diamond Body Prep for a seamless application.

Diamond Wheels - The unsung hero of winter driving is your vehicle’s wheels, and preserving their integrity is just as important as the integrity of your paintwork, glass, metal trim, and interior. Diamond Wheels is a one-of-a-kind nanodiamond wheel coating resistant to extreme temperature exposure along with contaminants like road wash and brake dust.

This composite car coating lasts for 12 months, giving your wheels, calipers, and rims the ability to stand out with a high-gloss personality while remaining protected against the rigors of winter. Be sure to hand wash and decontaminate these components of your vehicle before hand-applying our Diamond Wheels formula.

Other honorable mentions for transitioning out of winter and into spring include our Diamond Body and Diamond Body 36 formulas. These coatings are breakthrough nanodiamond vehicle protection products that can be applied to your ride without any prior experience.

It is important to note that your choice in Diamond ProTech car coatings is also dependent on your ability to hand apply them during winter. Consider these questions before purchasing any of our coatings:

“Do I have a garage or an area free of environmental contamination to successfully install these products?”

“Will I be able to hand wash my vehicle throughout winter, or do I have access to a professional detailer that can keep the integrity of my coatings intact?”

Be ready for a candy-like shine, low-maintenance surfaces, clear glass, and protected vehicle interiors all winter long with Diamond ProTech's nanodiamond coatings! For more information, follow us on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date on future breakthrough innovations in our nanodiamond car coating products!

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